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People Have Already Been Arrested For Attempting To “Storm Area 51”


The plan to storm Area 51, a top-secret United States Air Force base in Nye County, Nevada in the middle of the desert, has officially been canceled. However, that did not stop two YouTube stars from making an attempt to gain access to the highly restricted and heavily guarded base.

For a long time, Area 51 has drawn the attention of daring travelers who have made many failed attempts to access the area. There have been many YouTube videos made by people attempting to get close to the base who have all been stopped by guards within miles of its perimeter.

Ties Granzier and his partner Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, both of whom are from the Netherlands, were arrested this Tuesday by the Nye County sheriff’s department for allegedly trespassing the Nevada National Security Site near Area 51.

According to a Facebook post by the Sheriff’s office, twenty-year-old Granzier and twenty-one-year-old Wilhelmus were apprehended after their vehicle was spotted about three miles into the Nevada National Security property, parked near the gate.

Storm Area 51

The sheriffs discovered several cameras, a drone and a phone inside the vehicle. The two men explained their plan to penetrate the base, even after seeing and understanding numerous “no trespassing” signs. The pair said that they “wanted to see the facility.”

According to media reports, the two men allowed sheriff’s deputies to review footage they captured on their phones while inside the secure area.

Granzier, a YouTuber and Instagram blogger, posted a picture of Grand Canyon on his social media accounts one day before being arrested explaining his plan to access Area 51.

The Nevada National Security Site is located about ten kilometers from Area 51, the famous top-secret military base which is believed by conspiracy theorists, UFOlogists and extraterrestrial fanatics to contain alien life forms and alien technology from distant galaxies. Recently, it became the focus of several million people on social media after an event was planned to “storm” the base by Naruto running towards the gates on September 20th as a joke.

The event was subsequently canceled by its creator and transformed into a large scale outdoor festival, dubbed Alienstock, to take place in Rachel, Nevada and “Storm Area 51 Basecamp” in Hiko, Nevada. Both events have since been canceled citing security concerns by even organizers and members of the local community.

Although the event has been officially called off, Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee expressed her concerns to BuzzFeed saying that law enforcement is preparing for the arrival of many people to the area in the coming weeks.

Matty Roberts, the original creator of the “Storm Area 51” event and organizer of the Alienstock festival, was visited by federal agents at his home shortly after the event went massively viral. He was not arrested and he agreed to cooperate by reassuring the public the event was intended as a harmless joke, never to be taken seriously and encouraged fans to attend the festival instead.

The idea also sparked a number of other storming events around the world such as “Storm Loch Ness”, set to take place a day after Area 51.

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