Bill Clinton Associate Says Former President Did Visit Epstein’s Island

Doug Band, who has been a close friend and confidant of Bill Clinton for decades, has recently come forward to say that the former president did visit Epstein’s island, despite the fact that he has denied going there on numerous occasions.

Band says that he was not aware of how extensive Epstein’s crimes were at the time, but he says he still had a bad feeling about the financier and told Clinton to stay away from him.

Band says that he can recall one particular trip that Clinton made to the island in January of 2003, which was a year after he warned the former president to stay away from Epstein.

In 2002, Band was along for the ride on Epstein’s airplane to Africa for a charity event, and noticed red flags about the billionaire’s behavior. He said that he told Clinton to end his relationship with Epstein after the trip, but he continued to fly on Epstein’s plane and even visited his private island.

Band was also upset that Epstein was allowed to make a $25,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation in 2006.

A spokesperson for Clinton has previously said his friendship with Epstein came to an end before the financier was convicted of soliciting a minor for sex in 2008. However, Maxwell was served court papers relating to the Epstein trafficking ring in 2009 while she was attending the Clinton Global Initiative at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City.

Just a few months later, Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, and Bill continued his relationship with both of them for many years despite the public knowledge of their crimes.

A Clinton spokesperson claims that Chelsea did not know about the charges against her wedding guests on the big day.

“It wasn’t until 2015 that Chelsea became aware of the horrific allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell and she hopes that all the victims find justice,” the spokesperson said.

Ghislaine Maxwell and former Bill Clinton aide Doug Band
Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

A spokesperson for the Clintons has responded to Band’s allegations by saying that he had a falling out with the family in 2012. The spokesperson claimed that Band is just spreading rumors to suit his own desires for self-promotion and revenge.

“No staffer has ever used their role to serve their interests as much as Doug Band,” the Clinton spokesperson told Vanity Fair.

“For many years he was a valuable member of President Clinton’s team and supportive of Clinton Foundation programs. Until he wasn’t. He put the foundation at risk by leveraging a world-class philanthropy for his own financial gain. It’s as disappointing a story as it is a sad one and ultimately why Doug Band and the Clintons parted ways,” the spokesperson said.

According to newly released court documents, one of Epstein’s victims says that Clinton flew on the private jet with two underage girls, and spent time with them on the financier’s notorious island.

Clinton is just one of many high profile individuals who are suspected of being involved in Epstein’s trafficking network. Other names include Prince Andrew and President Donald Trump.

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