“Don’t Meddle In The Election” Trump Jokes With Putin At G20

Opinion | At the G20 summit in Osaka Japan, United States President Donald Trump joked with Russian President Vladimir Putin, about the accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Trump also made comments about fake news and suggested that the Russian government doesn’t need to worry about problems like that. However, Putin corrected him and told him things are the same in his country.

“Fake news. You don’t have this problem with Russia, We have. You don’t have it,” Trump said.


“Yes, yes. We have, too. The same,” Putin responded in English.

Trump later cracked a joke to Putin about the election interference accusations.

“Don’t meddle in the election, president,” Trump said.

Putin seemed amused by the joke.

The television news channels seemed outraged the exchange and attempted to suggest that Trump was calling for the death of journalists.

CNN said that Trump made “a mockery” of the Russian “election interference.”

However, there was no real evidence of election interference on behalf of the Russian government, aside from the possibility that some fake Facebook ads may have been purchased in support of different candidates and issues.

It is also strange that positive relations between two world leaders would draw such outrage from the media.

trump putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump during a bilateral meeting at the G20 leader’s summit in Osaka, Japan. Photo Credit. Reuters, Kevin Lamarque

At a time where Russia and the United States are struggling with diplomatic relations, and both countries are caught up in a variety of proxy wars, the media should be celebrating the fact that the leaders of these two countries are getting along so well.

There are many valid ways to criticize Trump, but the alleged election interference is not one of them. In fact, it is dangerous to incite division between the leaders of such large superpowers.

Just decades ago these two countries were on the brink of nuclear war, or at the very least a third world war. Diplomacy has come a very long way since the cold war, but in the past several years, relations have deteriorated as a result of the election hysteria.


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