Son Begs Father Not To Call Police On Innocent Black Man

A man called the police on a neighbor in a San Francisco apartment building, even though his young son was pleading with him to mind his own business. Wesly Michel, a 35-year-old software engineer, who has black skin, says that he was waiting for a friend in an apartment building when a white man with a young boy accused him of trespassing and threatened to call the police.

Michel took out his phone and began to film the encounter, warning the man that he would be the “next person on TV,” if he calls the police on a black man for no reason on film.

“Unfortunately this incident mirrors the experience that African Americans endure daily where we are questioned on whether we belong. I videotaped this incident to protect myself and to support my story should police get involved,” Michel later told CNN.

The video begins with a man, later identified as Christopher Cukor, demanding that Michel identify the person who he was visiting.

Son begs dad not to call police

Cellphone video of a little boy begging his father not to call police on a man the dad felt was trespassing has gone viral. Full video:

Posted by HLN on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

“Please call your friend on the call box and have them come down and get you,” Cukor insisted.

“They don’t have to do that. You can just walk away,” Michel responded.

When Cukor threatens to call the police, a young child who was with him pleaded for him to mind his own business.

“Daddy don’t!” the child can be heard saying in the video.

“You’re just gonna be the next person on TV, just remember that and you have your son with you,” Michel warned.

However, Cukor went ahead and made the phone call anyway, even as his son continues to ask him not too.

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“Dad, don’t. Please go. Daddy go. It’s the better; I agree with him, daddy,” the boy shouts.

Then the young boy begins to cry.

“Daddy, I don’t like this. Let’s go,” he says.

Michel told Cukor that if he just leaves him alone, he will stop the recording and everyone can go on with their lives.

“Listen to your son, walk away. I will stop this. I will stop the recording,” Michel says.

As Cukor is on the phone with the police, Michel’s friend comes to see what is going on.

“Told you. Let’s go now. Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into. Let’s go!” the young boy told his father.

The nosy neighbor asked for proof that the friend was in fact a resident of the building while he was on the phone, and after a moment, told the dispatcher that Michel was “actually here with a resident.”

Police reportedly never came to the scene after the call. The man asked Michel to stop recording, but he continued and told him “Now you’re online forever.”

After the incident, Michel told CNN that, “I believe that ultimately everyone wants to be seen for who they are and not prejudged. I’m an American, a brother, a son and an ambitious Engineer who loves to code and wants to greatly contribute to the tech world in (San Francisco), a city that I love.”

Cukor later made a statement on Medium, saying that he was not specifically targeting Michel because of his race, but because he has a unique family history where a loved one was murdered by a trespasser in an apartment building.

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