32-Year-Old Woman Lured 14-Year-Old Boys To Her House For Sex


A 32-year-old mother named Teah Vincent lured two 14-year-old boys back to her home and had sex with one of them, after witnessing the young boys playing football near her home. She still carried out the act despite the victim telling her that he was still in school, according to prosecutors.

Vincent invited the two boys back to her home in Woolaston, Gloucestershire, by offering them a glass of water.

She took one of the boys up to her bedroom and then had sex with him, according to prosecutors.

Vincent has three children, all of whom are in primary school. She admits to having sex with the boy on October 21st, 2018 but claims that she believed the boy was over 16 at the time.

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Prosecutor Christopher Smyth told the jury that Vincent offered the boys a glass of water back at her home around 5 pm after they spent the day playing football at Woolaston Memorial Hall, which is located near her house.

The prosecutor said, “The boys took up Ms. Vincent’s offer and went back to her home. One of the boys knew Vincent but the alleged victim didn’t. They sat down at the kitchen table. Ms. Vincent said she thought she knew one of them and said to him that she understood he had a child on the way.”

“He told her he was only 14 and was still at school,” he added.

In fact, prosecutors say that the three had a lengthy discussion about school before Vincent began talking about her body and sex.

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She then invited the younger boy upstairs and told him to sit down on the bed. She then left the room and reappeared a few moments later after removing her clothes.

Vincent then allegedly mounted the teenager and initiated sex without talking to him about it first.

The victim described Vincent ‘bouncing up and down on him’ for around five minutes, and reportedly did not expect anything like that to happen.

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He says there was no discussion at all. The boy had a strong feeling that the situation was not right,” Smyth said.

The boy reportedly pushed her off of him, got dressed, and fled downstairs.

The victim’s friend said that he heard sexual sounds coming down the stairs. He felt awkward and he left the house for a short while before returning.

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Vincent’s attorney Catherine Flint insists that the boys told her that they were 18 before the incident took place, and then admitted to being 16 once entering the house.

In the police interview, the victim said, ‘The woman told us she was insecure about her body and that she covers herself up quickly when she gets out of the shower.”

The victim said that he thought the woman was taking him upstairs to play games.

“She invited me upstairs and I thought she had a gaming system or television. It was only me she invited. My friend stayed downstairs. She asked me to sit on the bed and left the room for a short while. When she returned she was naked,” he said.

Vincent has pleaded not guilty and the trial is still ongoing.

Photo: The Daily Mail
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