YouTube and Google Experience Global Mass Outage


Google services are reportedly back up and running after a major outage that was experienced across the world on Monday, December 14th.

It appears that YouTube users were most affected by the outage, and were unable to log into their accounts for several hours.

When trying to log in they received a “something went wrong” message.

Users of other Google services also experienced difficulty, including Gmail.

The issue was first reported on the website DownDetector at around 11:21 am GMT. Within thirty minutes, by 11:51 am GMT, there were 28,388 reports of people having similar issues.

Social media websites were filled with posts from angry and confused Google account holders sharing their frustrations about not being able to log in.

Below are some of the other services that were affected, according to the G Suite Status Dashboard.

Google Calendar
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Google Sites
Google Groups
Google Hangouts
Google Chat
Google Meet
Google Vault
Google Forms
Google Cloud Search
Google Keep
Google Tasks
Google Voice
Admin Console
Google Analytics
App Maker
Google Maps
Google Sync for Mobile

While it is still unclear why the outage occurred, experts believe that such a wide range of services were affected because they are all connected to the same Google accounts.

Google requires users to sign in with the same login for YouTube, Gmail, the Play Store, and pretty much any other services that they offer.

What this means is that if there is some type of problem with your Google account, you are unable to access any Google services.

Luckily, the outage didn’t last very long and the services were back online within an hour after the initial reports were made.

Google has still not made a statement on the outage or given any explanation for what happened.

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