Woman Sues Boyfriend For Not Marrying Her After 8 Years of Dating


A woman is suing her boyfriend of 8 years for not marrying her after he reportedly promised to.

Gertrude Ngoma has been dating Herbert Salaliki for years and whenever the topic of marriage comes up, he always tells her that it will happen someday, but he has never given her a clear timeframe or even a proposal.

Now Ngoma says she has waited long enough and has taken him to court demanding that he start planning the wedding.

According to the Mirror, Kenyan news site Tuko reported that Ngoma told a judge that Salaliki should have to formally outline his intentions with her.

The wannabe-bride told a Zambian court that she has concerns that her boyfriend is not serious about the relationship despite making numerous promises to marry her in the future.

“He has never been serious, that is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future,” she said.

Gertrude also revealed she doubts Herbert’s loyalty and wonders if he may be talking to another woman.

Wedding in Zambia

The Zambian court could not do anything to help Ngoma because the pair are not married and Salaliki never made a formal proposal.

He has reportedly gathered money for a dowry payment, which is still a popular custom in Zambia, but he says he doesn’t have enough money to pay for a wedding.

Salaliki also said that Ngoma was not giving him the amount of attention that he required, so he was holding off on getting married.

The pair also have a child together.

Judge Evelyn Nalwize, presiding over the case at Kabushi Local Court, advised Gertrude to sue for breach of marriage contract but said the authorities could do little more to intervene.

The judge suggested that the couple should handle their issues out of court.

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