Woman Licks Airplane Toilet In Attempt To Start "Coronavirus Challenge"
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Woman Licks Airplane Toilet In Attempt To Start “Coronavirus Challenge”



In recent years, people desperate for attention online have been participating in strange and dangerous “challenges” in hopes of having a viral video. The most infamous of these trends is known as the “Tide Pod” challenge, in which people recorded themselves eating laundry detergent pods. In many cases, these people have had to be hospitalized. Other trends have come along in the years since, but none of them have caught on as much as the Tide Pod challenge.

Now, with the coronavirus keeping most of the world locked indoors, young people are becoming increasingly bored, and some of them are trying to catch their 15 minutes of fame with coronavirus stunts.

The most disturbing video to be published in this regard on social media in recent weeks is the “coronavirus challenge.” The challenge was started by a  22-year-old TikTok celebrity from Miami, Florida, named Ava Louise. The young woman shockingly filmed herself licking a toilet seat and then posted the video to her followers on TikTok.


According to Ava Louise, the footage was taken in the bathroom of an airplane, which horrified many of the people who saw the video. Most of the people who viewed the video had very harsh comments for Ava Louise, and eventually, the video was taken down by TikTok, because the content could have incited more dangerous behavior from others.

In a Tweet that Ava Louise posted after the footage was taken down, she claimed that the video was just a social experiment, but didn’t give any other details about why she did what she did.

These dangerous online trends are an indication that there is something very wrong with the psychology of people in modern society, especially younger people who have grown up with the internet their whole lives. It is obvious to anyone, even children much younger than these teens, that eating Tide Pods and licking toilet seats is dangerous, but they don’t seem to care.

It is almost as if these people have a death wish, or that they have no concern for their lives or health. However, it seems to be much more complicated than that. It is not that these kids actually want to die, it simply appears that they value the attention they get on social media far more than they value their health and their futures.

Meanwhile, Harvard University epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch has predicted in an interview with the Atlantic, that the virus will eventually infect somewhere between 40 and 70 percent of the entire world, because it has now become “uncontainable.” However, Lipsitch does not believe that the virus will be deadly to all of these people, because some cases of the illness will be mild or nonsymptomatic.

case study published this week by Chinese researchers in the journal JAMA has shown that a 20-year-old woman from Wuhan passed the illness on to five of her family members but never became sick herself. To make matters even more confusing, the young woman initially tested negative for the illness before testing positive days later.

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