UK Police Destroyed Records For Night Prince Andrew Is Accused Of Sex With Teen


The London Metropolitan Police have destroyed evidence that could have revealed where Prince Andrew was on the night of March 10th, and the early morning hours of March 11th, in 2001. This is the night that he is accused of having sex with a trafficked teenager named Virginia Giuffre. The encounter was reportedly arranged by Jeffre Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who were close friends with Andrew for many years.

Giuffre, who was 17-years-old and going by the name Virginia Roberts at the time, says that she spent the night of March 10th and the early morning hours of March 11th with Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew. Giuffre said that they spent some time at one of Maxwell’s homes in London and also went to the famous “Tramp” nightclub. In interviews and court testimony since coming forward as a victim, Giuffre has described how she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew that evening.

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When Andrew responded to these allegations during an interview with BBC, he vehemently denied knowing who Giuffre was and insisted that he was at a Pizza Express in Woking, for a party.

Members of the royal family are regularly accompanied by police guards in their day to day activities and there are records of where and when the officers were sent, or at the very least a record of which officers worked on which day. If these records were to be made available, the investigators could easily determine where Prince Andrew was on the night in question. Initially, police refused to release this information to the media, insisting that revealing such sensitive information about the royal family could be a “threat to national security.”

However, one of the guards who was assigned to work for Andrew at the time, believes that he may have remembered the prince returning to Buckingham Palace in the early hours of March 11th. The guard distinctively remembers the evening because Andrew was somehow abusive towards him. A few months ago, the former guard asked for access to his shift records from that evening, and after waiting for 149 days, he was contacted by a caseworker with the London Metropolitan Police, who notified him that the records had been destroyed. The former guard was told that these records are only kept for two years, so they were destroyed a long time ago, but now he is wondering what took them so long to respond to his request.

I am very disappointed. Why on earth did it take nearly five months to respond with such a non-informative answer? I’m also surprised to discover that any records regarding the Royal family and their police protection are destroyed, much less after just two years, the guard told the Daily Mail.

Andrew has already been caught in several lies since his appearance on BBC including a leak of private emails where he mentioned Virginia Giuffre by name despite claiming to have never heard of her during his interview. There are also accounts from eyewitnesses who say that they saw the prince with a young girl at the Tramp nightclub on the evening in question. There is also the now-infamous photo of Andrew and a 17-year-old Virginia Roberts, but the prince claims that the photo was doctored.

Andrew has previously promised to help investigators with the case, but has since removed himself from public life. He has also refused requests for interviews that investigators have sent him.

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