President Donald Trump Tweets A Picture Of Himself As Rocky Balboa

Is United States President Donald Trump getting ready for a fight? Or is he just showing support for one of his favorite films? A Tweet from the President this week has supporters and critics alike scratching their heads.

This Wednesday, November 27th, the President tweeted out a photoshopped image that shows his head on the body of Rocky Balboa, the main character from the fictional film about the champion boxer named Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone. The image is taken from the movie poster for the film “Rocky III,” and sources have indicated that the tweet was sent out while the president was playing golf on Thanksgiving vacation at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The photo was posted from Donald Trump's account around 10:54 a.m and shows the president looking straight ahead with a mean look on his face, like he is prepared to take on an opponent. The image was posted with no caption or comment from the president.

It seems that some attention was given to the background of the photo as well, where many have suggested that the audience from his Florida rally on Tuesday night was superimposed into the crowd in the movie poster. Some Rocky fans were quick to point out that the image was posted on the day of the 34th anniversary of Rocky IV premiering in theaters. However, the poster that was used was from a different film in the series, Rocky III instead of Rocky IV.


The satirical photo was liked by over 205,000 people and met with praise by many Trump supporters. However, as expected, critics of Trump were not impressed.

Jeet Heer, a national affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine, called the photo "both funny and sad."

As with many of the memes and photos shared by the president, this image was not actually created by Trump himself or anyone on his staff, it was just something that he or someone on his team saw on the internet and decided to Tweet. According to Spin Magizine, the photoshopped image appears to have come from a site called American AF, which sells political clothing and posters for a right-wing audience.

It is not clear if the photo is some type of jest or taunt to critics of Trump, but if it is, the reference could be pointed in a number of different directions. Some commenters suggested that it could be a reference to his unscheduled weekend visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which sparked a flurry of rumors that he was having health problems. It is possible that this was a subtle way of telling his fans and his critics that he was doing just fine. Meanwhile, others have suggested that it is a reference to his upcoming impeachment hearings, showing that he is prepared for whatever might come.

The President's social media profiles have been extremely active in the past few days, as he posts updates from his campaign appearances in Florida, where he has a very large base of supporters.

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