Shooting At Walmart Leaves At Least Two People Dead
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Shooting At Walmart Leaves At Least Two People Dead



AP Photo/Brandon Dill

Two people were killed and two others were wounded this Tuesday, in a senseless shooting at a Walmart store in Southaven Mississippi.

DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco told reporters that the suspect was shot and arrested but no further information about the suspect was revealed.

The shooting reportedly occurred between 6:30-6:40 a.m on Tuesday, July 30.

Both of the people who lost their lives in the incident were Walmart employees.

An officer was also shot on the scene, but the bullet struck him in his bulletproof vest so he did not sustain any major injuries.

Disgruntled Employee

One of the witnesses on the scene, 35-year-old Carlos Odom, told reporters that the gunman was another employee at the store.

The Commercial Appeal later confirmed that the suspected shooter was an employee at the Walmart store until Monday, which could give some insight into a possible motive for the shooting.

Workplace shootings are often outbursts from disgruntled or mentally ill employees, and if the suspect recently lost his job, that would certainly fit the profile of a workplace shooter.

However, it is important to note that all theories of a motive are speculation, as the police have not revealed any details into their investigation.

String Of Shootings

There have been a string of high profile shootings in the United States in recent weeks.

This past Sunday, July 28, there was a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California, in which 3 people were killed and many others injured. In that case, the suspect was not captured alive, and it was later revealed that he made racists postings online before the shooting occurred.

There are many different political positions and debates that people have when this type of violence occurs, but one thing can be said for sure, the United States of America is a very angry place.

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