Rittenhouse Attorney Claims Video Footage Will Prove He Acted In Self-Defense

Earlier this week, a 17-year-old man named Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with 2 counts of murder after he shot and killed two people, and injured another, during the ongoing protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There is an intense national debate about whether or not Rittenhouse’s actions were justified, with opinions heavily divided along political lines.

Rittenhouse had traveled to the protests with a militia group that organized online and claimed to be assisting police and protecting private property during the demonstrations. The details of exactly what happened are still being investigated and debated, but at some point during the protest, Rittenhouse shot a protester multiple times in the back, and in the back of the head.

(Adam Rogan/The Journal Times via AP)

Rittenhouse then began to try to get away from the area, but protesters who witnessed the shooting chased after him and tried to stop him. When the group caught up with Rittenhouse, another person was shot and killed after a short scuffle. After that, Rittenhouse was able to walk right past the police and leave the city. In one of the videos taken by witnesses, Rittenhouse can be heard saying “I just killed somebody.”

According to CNN, a journalist who was following the suspect and the victim at the time of the incident told investigators the victim was trying to get the suspect’s gun when he was shot. After the second victim was shot, another person attempted to intervene, and Rittenhouse shot them as well, hitting them in the arm. The third victim was badly wounded but not killed.

Rittenhouse will be represented by attorney Lin Wood, who said that he plans to argue that his client acted in self-defense during the fatal shootings. He also said that they will be using video footage from the second altercation to justify the killing.

Wood received a lot of media attention recently after representing Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann who was widely criticized by the media, and accused him of mocking a Native American man in a viral video.

Pierce Bainbridge confirmed that he will be working on Rittenhouse’s defense along with Wood. Pierce has also represented former Trump campaign aide Carter Page and Rudy Giuliani.

The video that Rittenhouse’s legal team will likely use shows an angry mob chasing after Rittenhouse, and then him firing at a person who he had an altercation with. If this was where the incident began, then this would surely be proof of self-defense, but the fact that the angry mob was chasing him because he had already killed someone changes the situation and its legal implications entirely.

Despite his young age, Rittenhouse was an extremely enthusiastic supporter of the police and even joined the cadet program. His social media pages are filled with “Blue Lives Matter” banners and photos of him posing with guns.

Rittenhouse is currently facing two felony charges of homicide and a felony attempted homicide charge He has also been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon while under the age of 18, which is a misdemeanor.

We will have more details on this developing story as they become available.

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