Republican Group Releases “Trump Is Not Well” Ad – Infuriating President

In the past several weeks, speculation has mounted about the state of President Donald Trump’s health, and now a new political ad has called attention to some recent footage which appears to show Trump struggling to move or perform basic functions. Trump was furious about the advertisement, and to add insult to injury, the commercial was published by a Republican group.

The organization that released the advertisement is known as the Lincoln Project, and it is comprised by a group of longtime Republican campaign strategists who don’t want to see Trump win the upcoming election. They are coming out against Trump because they believe he is dangerous for the country.

The video showed footage of the aging president struggling to walk down a small ramp at the West Point graduation ceremony. The footage also showed the president struggling to lift small bottles of water.

The narrator of the advertisement tells the viewer, “Something’s wrong with Donald Trump.”

“He’s shaky. Weak. Trouble speaking. Trouble walking. So why aren’t we talking about this – and why isn’t the press covering Trump’s secret midnight run to Walter Reed Medical Centre? Why do so many reporters who cover the White House pretend they can’t see Trump’s decline?” the narrator asked.

The narrator went on to call Trump a “weak, unfit and shaky president,” adding that he does not have enough strength to lead, nor the character to admit his shortcomings.

“We’re not doctors, but we’re not blind. It’s time we talk about this. Trump is not well,” the narrator concluded.

The advertisement ended up inspiring the hashtag, #TrumpIsNotWell, which quickly went viral across social media.

Photo: Screenshot

The “secret midnight run to Walter Reed Medical Centre” that was mentioned in the ad took place last year, in November of 2019. Initially, White House representatives claimed that Trump was just getting a physical exam, but critics became suspicious because he cleared the next few days from his calender, as if something serious had happened and he was unable to fulfill his duties.

In the past, Trump has claimed that he would be one of the healthiest people ever to be elected to president, although he does have some very clear health problems.

The health of presidential candidates has been a hot topic on the election trail over the past decade, which makes sense considering that most of these candidates are senior citizens.

In the previous election, the Trump campaign made regular references to Hillary Clinton’s health to diminish public confidence in her ability to be a leader. He has also called his current rival Joe Biden “sleep Joe,” and suggested that the former vice president has a deteriorating mental capacity. Now it appears that Trump’s enemies are turning this strategy back on him.

This is not the first ad from Lincoln Project either, this is just the most recent of many critical advertisements that were aired during FOX News shows, which Trump regularly watches. The group is also targeting swings states that might be points of weakness for President Trump or the Republican party in general.

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