Protests Turn Violent Across U.S.; Courthouse Set On Fire In California

Rioters in Oakland, California set a courthouse ablaze over the weekend and shot fireworks at the police, CBS reported.

The incident occurred at Alameda County Courthouse on Saturday night following a day of peaceful protests, demanding social justice and showing solidarity for protesters in the streets of Portland who have been in a standoff with federal agents for weeks.

Protesters let the courthouse on fire, as well as smashed the building’s windows.

The vandals also vandalized the Oakland Police building breaking its windows and spraying graffiti on their headquarters, the police’s official Twitter account warned locals to stay away. The demonstrators hurled rocks, ceramic paint-filled balls and frozen water bottles through windows at the courthouse, federal building, and police building, Penn Live reported.

The police used bullhorns and signs to tell the crowd to disperse. An estimated total of upwards to 700 people were arrested according to the police’s Twitter account.

Video uploaded to Twitter shows the courthouse burning before the fire was contained by authorities with graffiti visible on the side of the building.

The protests largely stem from May’s actions demonstrating against police brutality and racial inequality in remembrance of George Floyd. However, since then there have been several people killed by police further igniting the flame, pouring gasoline on a fire that was already significantly lit.

There were similar rallies held throughout the U.S. in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, and other cities over the weekend.

Protesters squared off against federal agents outside a courthouse in Portland, Oregon, and set fire to vehicles in California and Virginia.

Demonstrations also turned violent in Seattle. Police declared a riot Saturday following large unruly crowds in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and deployed flash bangs and pepper spray to try to clear an area near where for weeks people set up an “occupied protest zone” similar to CHAZ in Portland.

Finally, in Baltimore, people from a group of nearly 100 demonstrators spray-painted anti-police messages on a Fraternal Order of Police building and adjacent sidewalks on Saturday night, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th, thousands of people across the world have protested police violence against Black people and general police brutality, actions have increasingly gotten more violent over time.

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