Protester Swiped Off The Street By NYPD In Unmarked Van

Another video is going viral of a protester being snatched off the street in an unmarked van by plain-clothed police officers. This time the incident took place in New York City and not Portland.

A protester identified as Nikki a trans homeless activist according to reporters was swiped off the streets of New York for undisclosed reasons in a shocking video making its rounds around social media. Michelle Lhooq a journalist tweeted out the frightening video on Twitter expressing that the incident happened during an Abolition Park protest at 2nd Avenue and 25th Street, Kips.

In the footage, police can be seen on bikes caroling the protesters using typical techniques while unknown officers wearing no uniform drove up to a protester snatched her up off the street and pushed her into a van. A witness told CBS News New York that the situation looked like a kidnapping, not an arrest.

They grabbed a transgender woman and they threw her down,” Mike Laster told CBS. “I tried to separate myself from an officer and the protest and he threw his bike on me … I got cuts all up on my hands and stuff.

However, NYPD argues the woman they arrested, 18-year-old Nikki Stone, was wanted for spray-painting the lenses of six police cameras during separate criminal incidents in and around City Hall Park. The NYPD Twitter account added, they frequently use unmarked vehicles to find wanted suspects.

They also say the arresting officers were assaulted with rocks and bottles.

NYC councilwoman, Carlina Rivera tweeted that the use of an unmarked van for an arrest for vandalism was a massive overstep for police.

Human Rights Campaign also condemned the move on Twitter calling it “troubling” asking where the protester was taken at the time when her whereabouts were unknown while tagging NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Mayor De Blasio recently passed a budget plan which takes away funding form the NYPD after violent actions by cops against protesters including using a vehicle as a battering ram. The New York City Council voted to pass the 2021 budget which t tightens spending across city agencies, including a cut of nearly $484 million from the New York Police Department’s $6 billion operating budget. Additionally, $354 million of police funding will be transferred to other city agencies.

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