Pro-Trump Caravan Gathers Outside Of Clinton Home Shouting “Lock Her Up!”


The quiet neighborhood in New Castle, New York, where both the Clinton and Cuomo families own homes, was filled with protesters on Sunday night, who carried Trump flags and signs criticizing the politics of both target families. It is not clear if either family was actually home at the time, considering that both likely have more than one residence.

Protesters blasted music, honked their car horns, and carrying signs that said things like “Cuomo sucks,” “Expose the corruption,” and “Dead people don’t vote!”

Some protesters chanted things like “lock her up,” which became a rallying cry for Trump voters in 2016.

New Castle chief of police James Carroll told Talking Points Memo that there were about 100 vehicles and close to 300 people in front of the Clintons’ and Cuomo’s residences on Sunday evening, but no arrests were made.

Carroll said that the crowd was in front of Cuomo’s residence at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday and left around at 5:30 p.m. ET.

The protest was also confirmed by the Rockland/Westchester Journal News.

Carroll told TPM that he suspected most of the vehicles came from Staten Island.

Chelsea Clinton tweeted that she hoped the protesters were wearing masks.

Trump “caravan” style protests spread throughout the country in the lead up to the presidential election, and have continued as the results continue to be contested by the Trump administration. While neither Cuomo nor Clinton had any involvement in the election, they have both been longtime Trump critics. Clinton could likely be considered Trump’s main rival, after the bitterly fought 2016 election left their previous friendship entirely unsalvagable.

Just this week, Trump threatened to withhold the COVID-19 vaccine from the state of New York because Governor Cuomo expressed concerns that the vaccine could have been rushed by the administration for political gain, and implemented additional testing guidelines for any vaccine that might be approved by the FDA, sparking a new exchange of insults between the two politicians, as Anonymous News reported earlier this week.

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