Police In Allentown Kneel On Man’s Neck Despite Protests

Allentown police were caught in a disturbing video kneeling down on a man’s neck following the death of George Floyd just months ago. The footage was recorded on Saturday outside of St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Hospital on the 400 block of West Chew Street.

As a result of the video, Black Lives Matter protests spawned in Allentown on Saturday night and appears to show the officer kneeling on the man’s neck, CBS News reported.

“We’re done,” Black Lives Matter to Lehigh Valley leader Justan Parker told CBS News. “People think that it couldn’t happen here and it has been happening and it happened yesterday. So enough is enough.”

The horrifying video is short at 24 seconds long, but it’s oddly reminiscent of the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis. In the video, you see an unidentified Allentown police officer holding a man down with his face in the pavement, while one of the other officers places his knee on the man’s neck.

“My takeaway from the video is that Black and Brown lives don’t matter to APD or to the city,” Parker said.

Allentown police stated in a statement on Sunday night that officers were responding to a case of intoxication in public. The police department stated that officers with Allentown PD witnessed the man vomiting and wavering along the street before making his way onto the emergency room’s driveway. According to police, officers and hospital staff confronted the man, he allegedly then screamed and spat toward the which prompted the violent confrontation.

According to police, officers then attempted to restrain the man and he resisted. The man was treated at the hospital and later released. The unknown man was treated at the hospital and then released the police stated.

Police added that the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the episode. An internal investigation into the use of force is also underway by the Allentown Police Department.

Bodycam footage has thus far not been released of the incident.

Ben Crump, the attorney representing Floyd’s family, wrote on Twitter, “@AllentownPolice held down this man’s face to the pavement and then one of its officers placed their knee on his neck!! This happened yesterday and is exactly what led to #GeorgeFloyd’s death. We need this officer’s name and badge # NOW. #ICantBreathe.”

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th, thousands of people across the world have protested police violence against Black people and general police brutality. Luckily this time the man lived and it didn’t result in death. But this action by police using their knee to subdue a suspect is sure to fuel the fire to ongoing police brutality protests by Black Lives Matter.

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