“NorCal Rapist” Found Guilty On All 46 Charges Dating Back To 1991


60-year-old Roy Waller, also known as the “NorCal Rapist” will spend the rest of his life in prison after he was found guilty on 46 charges related to a string of attacks that he carried out on women in their homes between the years of 1991 and 2006.

The Sacramento jury deliberated for just two and a half hours before coming to their verdict. The charges were related to attacks on nine women across six counties in Northern California.

“Twenty-nine years of waiting and waiting, amazing, amazing, great day, great day. A lot of work went into solving this case, couldn’t be more grateful to everyone involved,” Nicole Earnest-Payte, one Waller’s victims said.

DNA evidence from the crime scenes was matched to a relative of Waller through the online DNA genealogy service, GEDmatch. Police then constructed a family tree and narrowed the suspects down to Waller. After the GEDmatch confirmation, they took about a week to identify and arrest the suspect.

“We’re just thankful that DNA was there and the victims were able to receive justice, no matter how long it took,” Sacramento County Deputy DA Keith Hill said.

The suspect’s DNA was at every crime scene, which made the charges difficult to deny.

“We all knew it was a slam dunk case. DNA don’t lie. Your DNA can’t show up at every rape case if you’re innocent,” one juror said.

Waller was an employee at the University of California, Berkeley, which is where he began stalking many of his victims. He worked as a safety specialist in the Environment, Health and Safety Department.

Police and school officials said that none of the assaults are believed to have occurred on campus, but that is where he learned the names of the victims. From the school, he followed them around and learned where they lived, eventually breaking into their homes late at night.

Waller also targeted Asian immigrants, and he kept many photos of his victims.

(Photo Credit: Paul Kitagaki Jr./ The Sacramento Bee and The Associated Press)

“It was heartbreaking, tear-dropping what them young ladies had to go through. It’s just terrible the way he prowled on them young ladies. They didn’t speak good English. They come to America figuring they’re going to make a better life and then all of this has to happen to them,” another juror said.

Waller will be sentenced on Dec. 18th, but regardless of the final sentence, he will be spending the rest of his life in prison due to his age.

According to Detective Avis Beery, one of the investigators who first worked on the case, Waller would enter the victim’s houses during the attacks late at night and carry out the attack whether the victim was asleep or not.

He attacked the women and tied them up, then he repeatedly sexually assaulted them. He would then steal things from the home. On some occasions, he even kidnapped the victim, often taking them to an ATM and forcing them to clear out the account and give him the money, according to Detective Avis Beery.

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