New Book Claims Bill Clinton Had An Affair With Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell

According to a new book titled “A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein,” released by Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper this week, the former president Bill Clinton was having an affair with Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, though he denies ever having any type of sexual relationship with her. However, this would not be the first time that the former president has lied about one of his affairs.

It is clear that Clinton and Maxwell spent a decent amount of time with one another, and took flights together on Epstein’s private plane, a customized Boeing 727 that has since become known as the “Lolita Express.” Sources in the book say that Clinton and Maxwell became very close during these trips, and would have occasional flings. The two apparently also met on different occasions away from Epstein, with Clinton sneaking out to visit Maxwell on numerous occasions.

The source also claims that Clinton’s relationship with Maxwell was the only reason that he spent time around Epstein, and that he was not involved with any underage children. However, this assertion is doubted by many researchers, who point out that Clinton has been consistently dishonest about his involvement with Epstein. Furthermore, the former president vehemently denies ever having an affair with Maxwell.

Clinton and Maxwell were spotted in public together on a regular basis, and they frequently attended the same events and vacations.

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Maxwell was also heavily involved in the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation. In fact, in 2009, she was at an event for a Clinton organization when she was served with court papers relating to her participation in Epstein’s crimes. Just a few months later, on July 31, 2010, she was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, even though Epstein’s crimes and her connection to them had been exposed.

Journalist Conchita Sarnoff described the scene when Maxwell was served the court papers in her book TrafficKing, saying that, “Only a few months earlier, while attending the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, at the end of an Indian summer, in September 2009, a process server walked through the packed lobby of the Sheraton Hotel…and served Ghislaine Maxwell papers for a deposition Maxwell…was huddled in a small group talking to other guests” as the server approached her. He “called out her name and…with so many people surrounding her, Maxwell was unsuspecting. She confirmed her identity and he served her notice. The deposition was in relation to Epstein’s sexual abuse case. The server left at once.”

“Ironically, photographs of Maxwell taken by a private investigator who accompanied the process server showed Maxwell receiving notice while standing beneath a human trafficking banner. Human trafficking was the Conference’s theme at the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative,” she added.

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However, even though she was served with court papers, she never actually appeared in court. The day before she was scheduled to give her testimony, she claimed that she had to immediately return to England to take care of her mother who was dying. Many sources say that Maxwell was lying and that her mother was not actually sick at the time. Shortly after, Maxwell was spotted again in New York, but since she was a British subject, there was nothing that legal authorities could do.

Epstein has been a very controversial figure for many years, as he essentially pled guilty to sexual assault charges in 2008, in exchange for a deal that allowed him to avoid serious prison time. Epstein was a prominent banker and financier who has been long time friends with people like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew.

In September 2002, Epstein flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa in his private jet. Flight records show Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 26 times.

Epstein owned a private island near Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands called Little Saint James, where he regularly vacationed with world leaders, away from the prying eyes of news reporters. This island is rumored to be a place that Epstein used for his trafficking operations since he had so much privacy there. In the new Netflix documentary about Epstein “Filthy Rich,” some of Epstein’s victims, and some of the employees at the island were interviewed and said that they saw Bill Clinton on the island numerous times.

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