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NASA Chief Warns That Humans Must Prepare For A Massive Meteor Strike





In 2019, NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, warned an audience at the International Academy of Astronautics’ Planetary Defense Conference, about the very real possibility of a large meteor crashing into the earth.

We have to make sure that people understand that this is not about Hollywood. It’s not about movies. This is about ultimately protecting the only planet we know right now to host life, and that is the planet Earth, Bridenstine said.

Bridenstine reference a large meteor that entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded over Chelyabinsk, in central Russia, in February of 2013. The meteor measured roughly 20 meters in diameter and was traveling at 40,000 mph.

It was brighter in the sky than the sun at that point when it entered Earth’s atmosphere. And people could feel the heat from this object from 62 kilometres away… When it finally exploded 18 miles above the surface…it had…30 times the energy of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima… It damaged buildings in six cities, Bridenstine said.

I wish I could tell you that these events are exceptionally unique, but they are not, he added.

Bridenstine says that meteors enter the earth’s atmosphere on a regular basis, but those as large as Chelyabinsk only come once every 60 or so years.

Yet theories about this phenomenon still aren’t taken seriously in many mainstream and establishment circles.

We know for a fact that the dinosaurs did not have a space program. But we do, and we need to use it, Bridenstine said.

NASA chief

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine at the Planetary Defense Conference in Washington, DC. Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute / Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot

Bridenstine is among a growing number of researchers and scientists who are suggesting that governments put more effort into space programs that are specifically tasked with formulating a plan for incoming meteors and space debris.

On December 18, a massive meteor exploded over in the earth’s atmosphere, but the details of the blast have just been uncovered recently. The fireball reportedly flew over the Bering Sea, in the Pacific Ocean between Russia and Alaska.

Researchers all over the world survey for signs of disturbance around the clock and many of them initially recorded the blast.



Peter Brown at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, spotted the meteor in measurements picked up by at least 16 monitoring stations globally, according to NewScientist.

Alan Fitzsimmons of Queen’s University Belfast, UK said that “It would have been quite spectacular,” to see.

The meteor was reportedly 10 meters in diameter and had a mass of 1400 tonnes. The meteor impacted with an energy of 173 kilotons of TNT, Peter Brown said on Twitter. The energy caused by the explosion was incredible, registering at nearly ten the force of the blast from an atomic bomb.

Believe it or not, this type of occurrence is actually fairly common. Blasts like this have been recorded all over the world for the past few decades. The chart below shows fireballs spotted larger than three kilotons in the past several years.

When you see these infrasound waves, you know immediately that there has been an impact or a large release of energy,bsays Fitzsimmons.

Meteor chart

Fireballs reported by US sensors / Photo Credit: NASA

This was the third-largest impact in modern history, surpassed by the 2013 Chelyabinsk explosion, and a huge blast in 1908 near Siberia, Russia. In the Chelyabinsk explosion, more than 900 hundred people were injured, mostly by broken glass. The meteor reportedly weighed 10 tons and entered the atmosphere at a speed of at least 54,000 kilometers per hour, exploding between 30 to 50 kilometers above the ground, According to NewScientist.

There are a large number of videos of the Russian meteor strike because it is common for Russian drivers to use dashboard-mounted cameras to prove liability in car accidents. This video footage gave scientists an unprecedented treasure trove of data for their research.

Of course, we have far less documentation of the Tunguska event, which occurred near Siberia in 1908 and flattened an estimated 80 million trees over an area of more than 2000 square kilometers. The Tunguska event is the largest impact event on Earth in recorded history. The explosion registered at seismic stations across Eurasia and air waves from the blast were detected in Germany, Denmark, Croatia, the UK, and as far away as Jakarta and Washington, D.C.

Mark Horowitz is a graduate of Brandeis University with a degree in political science. Horowitz could have had a job at one of the top media organizations in the United States, but when working as an intern, he found that the journalists in the newsroom were confined by the anxieties and sensibilities of their bosses. Horowitz loved journalism, but wanted more freedom to pursue more complex topics than you would find on the evening news. Around the same time, he began to notice that there was a growing number of independent journalists developing followings online by sharing their in-depth analysis of advanced or off-beat topics. It wasn't long before Horowitz quit his internship with a large New York network to begin publishing his own material online.

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Bankrupt Mother Jumps Off Bridge With Her Son After They Lost Their Home





Last year, a 32-year-old single mother from Ibagué, Colombia, jumped off of a 330-foot bridge while holding her son, taking both of their lives in the process. The incident took place on February 7, 2019, at the La Variante Bridge, in the community area of Tolima, Ibagué. Bystanders were unable to do anything to help, but some managed to record some video footage and take some photos of those final moments.

According to investigators, the mother, Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz was in the midst of a financial crisis and had been recently kicked out of her home. With no resources to rent a new place to stay, her and her son became homeless for a period of time, and she spiraled into a deep d-epression. Feeling like she had nowhere else to turn, Cruz made the tragic decision to take her own life, and to take her child with her.


Photo Credit: Facebook

Local reporters who were on the scene said that the young boy was pleading with his mother not to jump in the minutes before she made the plunge. An ambulance quickly arrived on the scene but sadly there was nothing that anyone could do but pull the bodies out of the water. A joint funeral later took place for both the mother and her son.

Investigators say that Cruz was being threatened by loan sharks and left behind a s-uicide note that elaborated on the events that led up to her decision.

Posted by Zona Morelos on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Her letter stated that:

“I cannot tolerate the idea that somebody could hurt you because of what I did, I prefer that we leave and forget this world. I have no hope, I have been defeated and humiliated. The man who told me he loved me left me alone, very alone. They all left me with nothing, everything I worked for, everything I lived for, all I loved, all I gave, it was snatched away in an instant. My mistake was to trust the wrong people. I failed the person I love most in my life, I cannot afford to pay for his studies, I do not even have enough money to give him hot food. I have placed him in danger and I am sorry for failing you, son. Every day is more difficult and filled with threats, debt, and lack of love. I cannot do it anymore. I will be told I am a coward, but only God knows the distress of being terrified that someone will hurt you because of me. If only somebody could help me, but who can lend me the money or even a home? There is nobody. The world is dangerous and I cannot protect you. Every day is grey. My heart beats with anxiety. I cry with frustration and impotence. I am a loser. This time I will not fail you, my son. Nobody will hurt us anymore.”

Nearly 800,000 people die by s-uicide in the world each year, which is roughly one death every 40 seconds. S-uicide is the 2nd leading cause of d-eath in the world for those aged 15-24 years.  S-uicide accounted for 1.4% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 18th leading cause of death in 2016, according to the World Health Organization.

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16 Rare Photos Of 9/11 Attacks You Probably Haven’t Seen Before





It has been 19 long years since the devastating 9/11 attacks and while there are a host of unanswered questions which lead to conspiratorial speculation. Today is an iconic day to remember those who lost their lives on September 11th in the U.S. Coverage of the American Airlines tragedy during which nearly 3,000 perished was the main priority that day for most Western news agencies (the scenes of the twin towers collapsing with distressed people inside were witnessed by an estimated two billion people following the attacks.)

It’s 19 years today, that 19 hijackers associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda committed murder/suicide taking over four fuel-loaded U.S. commercial airplanes, injuring more than 6,000 people. The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes (including the terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.

Two of the planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The 19 men smuggled box-cutters and knives through security at three East Coast airports and boarded four early-morning flights bound for California, chosen because the planes were loaded with fuel for the long transcontinental route.

Anewspost has collected some of the shocking photos of the towers seen on 9/11 from across the internet. From street-shots of the twin towers attack to satellite images of New York City, these historical photos reveal new angles of the horrific day that changed the world and more specifically America forever. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and yet many of these leave you both speechless and breathless.

#1. Bystanders At Park Row And Beekman Street Look Up In Shock As The South Tower Begins To Collapse

A Knot Of Bystanders At Park Row And Beekman Street Look Up As The South Tower Begins To Collapse

#2. A Photographer Leaned Out His Window And Caught The Moment Before The Second Plane’s Impact

At Rector Street And Broadway, A Photographer Leaned Out His Window With A Medium-format Camera And Caught The Moment Before The Second Plane’s Impact

#3. People Taking Their Last Breathes Jumping From The Towers Trying To Escape The Flames And Being Burned Alive A Horrific Sight To See.

People Falling From The Towers

#4. People Run Down Broadway As A Smoke And Dust Cloud Comes Up The Street From The Collapsing World Trade Center Buildings

People Run Down Broadway As A Smoke And Dust Cloud Comes Up The Street From The Collapsing World Trade Center Buildings In New York

#5. A Man Delivering A Package With The World Trade Centers Smoking Behind Him.

A Man Has A Job To Do

#6. American Airlines Flight 11 (Upper Right-Hand Corner Of The Photo) Approaches The North Tower Of The World Trade Center Before Impact.

American Airlines Flight 11 (Visible In The Upper Right-Hand Corner Of The Photo) Approaches The North Tower Of The World Trade Center On September 11, 2001

7. South Tower Of The World Trade Center Amid Collapse

South Tower Of The World Trade Center Collapsing

#8. The South Tower Is Falling To The Ground With A Church’s Cross Visible In The Foreground Of The Image.

The South Tower Disintegrates, Raining Debris Behind A Cross Atop Trinity Church

#9. A Pregnant Woman Is Oblivious To What Is Happening Behind Her While Having Her Picture Taken.

Not Yet Realizing A Terrorist Attack Was In Progress, Architect And Amateur Pilot Isabel Daser, Eight Months Pregnant, Asked A Co-Worker To Take Her Portrait As A Record Of The Day\

#10. Photo of South Tower Right After The Plane Slammed Into it.

The Second Plane Flew Directly Over My Head And Slammed Into The South Tower. It Took Me A Few Seconds To Get My Head Together, And This Was The Shot I Took

#11. A Man Runs Down Broadway As A Smoke And Dust Cloud  Fills The Street From The Collapsing Of The World Trade Center Buildings

A Lone Man Runs Down Broadway As A Smoke And Dust Cloud Comes Up The Street From The Collapsing World Trade Center Buildings In New York September 11, 2001

#12. Landsat 7 Satellite Image Of New York City Shows Smoke Plume Over NYC.

Smoke Plumes Are Clearly Visible In This Landsat 7 Satellite Image Of New York City Made Early On September 12

#13. A Plane Explodes After Hitting The Second Tower Of The World Trade Center As The Other Tower Burns Next To It.

A Plane Explodes After Hitting The Second Tower Of The World Trade Center As The Other Tower Burns

#14. Close Up View Of The First Tower Collapsing.

Penman Got As Close To The Buildings As He Could, Before Police Put Up A Cordon. But That Meant He Was Right Next To The Buildings When The First Tower Collapsed

#15. People Outside Relaxing With The Towers Burning In The Background Of The Scene.

The Photographer Considered This 9/11 Brooklyn Scene Too Tranquil At The Time. He Decided Not To Publish The Image Widely Until Four Years After The Attacks

#16. Twin Towers Burn Behind The Iconic Empire State Building.

Twin Towers Of The World Trade Center Burn Behind The Empire State Building

These are just some of the shocking rare photos found surrounding 911. To those families who lost loved ones on this fateful day we hope you found peace. For the rest of us, September 11th is a day we will never forget ingrained in our history and memory by pictures like those in this article.

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Horrific Video Shows Moment Second Plane Hits World Trade Center Towers On 9/11





A horrific video clip was taken of the second plane crashing into the world trade center towers nearly two decades ago. The video was taken by Caroline Dries, who was a  New York University student at the time. She took the video from her dorm room at the university on the 32nd floor.

Caroline and her roommate were woken up just before 9am by the sound of an explosion, which was the first airplane hitting the tower. She knew that something important was happening so she began filming right away.

The two women were watching the scene unfold and wondering what was happening, but once the second plane hit they realized that terrorists could be responsible for the attack.

“It’s terrorists…what do we do?” one of the girls can be heard shouting.

After leaving their dorm one of the girls can be heard saying, “I don’t want to be on the 32nd floor of this building any more.”

After graduating, Caroline went on to become a successful television producer who worked on hit shows like Smallville and The Vampire Diaries.

The video can be seen below:

On that day nearly twenty years ago, four passenger airliners were hijacked. Two of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Within an hour and 42 minutes, both 110-story towers collapsed. A third plane, American Airlines Flight 77, later crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, which led to a partial collapse of the building’s west side. The fourth plane, United Airlines Flight 93, was initially flown toward Washington, D.C., but crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania, because passengers revolted.

The attacks resulted in 2,977 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries, and numerous long-term health consequences for first responders. 9/11 is recognized the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history and the single deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States, with 343 and 72 killed. Other buildings nearby, such as the World Trade Center building 7.

Weeks after the attack, the death count was estimated to be over 6,000, which is more than twice the number of deaths eventually confirmed. The city was only able to identify remains for about 1,600 of the World Trade Center victims. The medical examiner’s office collected “about 10,000 unidentified bone and tissue fragments that cannot be matched to the list of the dead”.


Bone fragments were still being found in 2006 by workers who were preparing to demolish the damaged Deutsche Bank Building. In 2010, a team of anthropologists and archaeologists searched for human remains and personal items at the Fresh Kills Landfill, where 72 more traces of human remains were recovered, bringing the total found to 1,845. DNA profiling continues in an attempt to identify additional victims. The remains are currently being held in storage in Memorial Park, outside the New York City Medical Examiner’s facilities.

The attacks were quickly blamed on terrorists in the Middle East, and the US government began multiple wars that are still taking place today.

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