Man Blows Off Own Hand With Bomb Intended To Target Women

A 23-year-old man from Virginia accidentally blew his own hand off with a homemade bomb and police suspect that he was intending to carry out an attack with the device before it detonated prematurely. The suspect, Cole Alexander Carini, is believed to be a part of a radical anti-women group known as the “incels,” which stands for “involuntarily celibate.”

Individuals that identify with this group have carried out terrorist attacks targetted at women on multiple different occasions, and there is a possibility Carini was another one of these terrorists.

According to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice, Carini walked into a Richlands health clinic earlier last month with severe injuries. One of his hands was missing entirely and several fingers on the other hand were missing as well. After doctors saw how bad the situation was, they quickly rushed him to Clinch Valley Medical Center. When he was interviewed by police at the hospital, he said that the injuries were from a lawnmower accident at his house.

Photo: Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office

After interviewing him at the hospital, the police decided to go search his house because his story did not add up. Even though he said he was injured in a lawnmower accident, he had severe shrapnel wounds all over his chest, throat, and face. When officers went to his house, they noticed that the grass was overgrown, so they investigated further and found evidence that he was making explosives in his house.

FBI investigators were then called in, who identified a substance found in a plastic bottle as triacetone triperoxide, which is a common ingredient in home-made bombs. It also appeared that Carini was intentionally creating these bombs to explode with shrapnel, according to FBI Special Agent Neil Schimke.

“Adjacent to the nails on the floor was a blistered plastic container. The top of the container had been peeled back in a manner consistent with an explosion,” Schimke wrote in his report, according to WVLT.

There was also evidence that a bomb exploded inside of Carini’s bedroom.

Photo: Facebook

“Near the blinds was a T-shirt with the same cut marks. On the ceiling above the plastic container was a red substance believed to be blood splattered on the ceiling, along with a skin-colored chunk believed to be flesh,” Schimke wrote.

Investigators then found a trail of blood leading from the site of the explosion to the bathroom, and then throughout the house and finally out to the driveway.

Police found a shed on the property filled with more chemicals and bomb-making materials. They also found several crumpled up letters that depicted a variety of different scenarios or plans to attack women. Carini has denied having any explosives or making any bombs at his home.

So far, Carini was only charged with lying to law enforcement officials, which could result in a maximum prison sentence of five years. However, there is a good chance that he could be charged with international or domestic terrorism, a charge which carries a maximum sentence of eight years.

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