“Karen” Threatens To Kill Neighbor’s Child And Dog Over Changed WiFi Password

A video recently posted to TikTok shows a deranged woman standing outside of a house while threatening the child and dog inside. In the video, a woman can be seen standing outside of someone’s door and making threats because she can no longer access the wifi.

From the brief exchange, it appears that the woman is either a tenant of the child’s parents in an adjacent house, or simply a neighbor who had some type of agreement to share wifi. For some reason, she was unable to access the wifi on a day where she had an important online class. The woman said that she had a psychology class, but perhaps what she really meant was that she needed therapy.

When she first confronted the child inside, she was told that there was a problem with the internet provider, and something needed to be fixed. Unfortunately, the angry neighbor did not find this answer to be acceptable.

In the video, the angry woman threatened to assault the person recording the footage, and even threatened to kill their dog.

Commenters on TikTok dubbed the angry woman “Karen,” although that is not believed to be her real name.

“I live here! It’s illegal. Come outside, let’s talk. Give me the f****** Wi-Fi before you get arrested, and your mom,” Karen can be heard yelling from her neighbor’s doorstep.

When the neighbor didn’t respond and continued to record the outburst, Karen started threatening the animals inside.

“You want me to try that way, or you want your dog to come dead? I have ways in, and your dog won’t be breathing tomorrow. Dog. Doggie? Dead. You’re not gonna f*** with me. Because when you’re outside by yourself one day, you’re gonna be f***ed,” she shouted.

She then made a slicing motion across her neck.

The angry neighbor’s wild outburst can be seen in the recording below.

Karen then threatened to poison the dog, and claimed that it’s “not against the law” because it’s “not a human being.”

“What are you gonna do? Find a new one? You’re not gonna f*** with my life, little b****,” she shouted.

The woman also made numerous threats to have the person recording arrested, and have their mother arrested as well. The person recording the video appeared to be a child.

Not much else is known about the people in the video or where it was filmed, and there is no indication that any arrests were made. For the past two weeks, journalists have attempted to either debunk this video or confirm its authenticity, but the case was reported by numerous national media sources. In some cases, YouTube pranksters will stage outrageous videos just so they can go viral and get clicks, so with online videos that don’t have verified names, dates, and places associated with them the content is often taken with a grain of salt. This one really does appear to be genuine though, especially considering that it has not been debunked after about two weeks.

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