Jon Voight Says Trump Is In “Greatest Fight Since Civil War” Against “Satan”


Actor Jon Voight has stirred up some controversy by posting a video with his views on the reported outcome of the 2020 US presidential election, where he compares Joe Biden to Satan and said that Donald Trump’s fight to secure an election win is the “greatest fight since the civil war.”

“My fellow Americans, I stand here. With all the feelings I do, disgusted with this lie that Biden has been chosen,” Voight said in the video.

“As if we all don’t know the truth. And when one tries to deceive, we know that one can get away with it, there will be a price to pay,” he added.

Voight accused the Democrats of deceiving the American people with false promises.

“The ones who are jumping for joy now are jumping toward the horror they will be in for because I know that the promises being made from the left to the American people will never come to be my friends of all colors, races and religions,” Voight continued.

His most shocking comments were his comparisons with the American Civil War saying that “This is now our greatest fight since the Civil War, the Battle of righteousness versus Satan.”

He then ominously added, “Yes, Satan.”

Voight said that leftists were “evil, corrupt, and they want to tear down this nation.”

“We must not allow this. We must fight this corruption that has taken over and fight for the good that seems lost. Let us give our trust to God and fight now for Trump’s victory because we all know this ballot count is corruption like they are. So let us not back down. But fight this fight as if it is our last fight on Eart,” he said.

Voight ironically ended his video by quoting the Muslim anti-racist  Muhammad Ali, saying, “As Muhammad Ali said, ‘It’s not over the last punch you have.’ God bless.”

In May 2019, Voight released a short two-part video on Twitter supporting President Trump’s policies, and calling him “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln”.


Despite being an active liberal in his early years, and protesting against the Vietnam war in the late 60s and early 70s, Voight publicly changed his stance during the Obama presidency, saying that he regretted his early anti-war activism, because the peace movement was driven by what he called “Marxist propaganda.” In the past decade, he has become well known for his very religious and conservative political views.

Voight endorsed Republican presidential nominees Mitt Romney and Donald Trump in the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. Speaking at an inauguration rally for Donald Trump in January 2017 Voight said, “God answered all our prayers” by granting Trump the White House.

He is the winner of one Academy Award, having been nominated for four. He has also won four Golden Globe Awards and has been nominated for eleven. He is the father of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven. On November 21, 2019, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts.

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