Joe Biden becomes first Democrat in 28 years to win Georgia


Joe Biden will win the presidential election in Georgia, after an intense battle and a hand recount. This is a shocking development considering that Republicans have controlled the state for the past 28 years. The former vice president is the first Democratic nominee to win a presidential election in Georgia since Bill Clinton in 1992.

Biden’s victory adds 16 electoral votes to his tally, bringing him to 306, with projections that Trump will win North Carolina, the final tally will be 306-232, according to CNN.

Biden’s success in a traditionally Republican state is the culmination of slow, steady gains there by the party. Two years ago, Democrat Stacey Abrams fell narrowly short in her bid for governor, losing to Kemp by 1.4 percentage points.

“We have been working at this for more than a decade. And there have been dozens of organizations and hundreds of people who’ve made this their primary mission,” Abrams told CNN’s Jake Tapper this week on “State of the Union.” “I have been privileged to be able to bring to bear resources, both before the election of 2018 and then the $40 million we were able to spend in 2018 to build a Democratic infrastructure that may not have yielded a victory for me in 2018, but certainly yielded a victory this week.”

President-elect Joe Biden has indicated that he plans to sign a flurry of executive orders as soon as he is sworn into office on January 20th, to reverse many of the decisions that Trump made during his presidency. Biden campaign insiders say that the orders are intended to signal that that country’s politics have shifted, and that his presidency will work to implement this cultural shift in the political system.

Biden reportedly plans on rejoining the Paris climate accords, as well as the World Health Organization, both of which the Trump Administration withdrew from. He also intends to repeal the travel ban that the Trump administration put on many Muslim-majority countries, according to a paywall-blocked report in the Washington Post. He will also reinstate the “dreamers” program, which allows immigrants who have been in the country since they were children to stay regardless of their immigration status. He also plans to immediately reverse Trump’s rollback of 100 public health and environmental rules.

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