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Hong Kong on Security Alert As Thousands March In Fresh Wave Of Protests


Large groups of protesters in Hong Kong continue to face off against police, as demonstrations continue throughout the region. Reuters reported that police were firing rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators over the weekend, as thousands took the streets to protest against policies from Bejing that restrict the freedom of Hong Kong residents.

In the past two months, millions have joined the protests and have formed one of the largest resistance movements in the world. This is the most unrest that the region has seen since the Chinese took over governance 22 years ago.

The streets were filled with activists covered in black from head to toe, and wearing masks. The protesters defied police orders and curfews to continue the rallies through the night.

Hong Kong
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Liaison Office Surrounded

Beijing’s Liaison Office was egged by groups of angry protesters, some of whom decided to spray paint the walls of the building with graffiti.

The words “Restore Hong Kong, Revolution of The Time,” were painted across the walls of the building.

In a later statement, the government in Hong Kong condemned the actions of the demonstrators, accusing them of “maliciously encircling” of the Liaison Office building.

Organizers of the protest said that 430,000 attended this weekend’s demonstrations, but police estimate that there were only about 138,000. Activists are planning more protests in the coming weeks, and there seems to be no end in sight to the unrest.

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New Wave Of Protests

The protesters are demanding a full withdrawal from the controversial extradition bill, which would allow people to be extradited from Hong Kong to mainland China for trial.

Hong Kong citizens see this as a massive encroachment on their freedoms and sovereignty, and they will stop at nothing to maintain their protected status within Hong Kong. Protesters are also demanding an independent investigation into complaints of police brutality that have occurred throughout the demonstrations.

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