Health Dept. Warns Against Eating Cannibal Sandwich, A Holiday Favorite


Health officials in the state of Wisconsin have warned residents against eating a “cannibal sandwich,” a dish that is a holiday favorite in the state. This meal doesn’t sound as bad as its name implies, but it is still pretty bad.

A “cannibal sandwich” does not contain human meat as you would suspect, instead, it is basically raw ground beef on bread with sliced onions, salt, and pepper.

While this is not cannibalism, it is still a very dangerous dish, and Wisconsin health officials are warning residents against it.

“Eating raw meat is NEVER recommended because of the bacteria it can contain,” the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) said in a tweet on Saturday.

Since the dish is so popular, this is a warning that the DHS needs to put out every single year.

“Time for our annual reminder that there’s one #holiday tradition you need to pass on: raw meat sandwiches, sometimes called Tiger Meat or Cannibal Sandwiches,” the state health department wrote on Facebook.

Some people who eat the dish actually think that the meat is safe if they get it from special distributors. The health department set the record straight on this myth as well.

“Many Wisconsin families consider them to be a holiday tradition, but eating them poses a threat for Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, Campylobacter and Listeria bacteria that can make you sick. (And, no, it doesn’t matter where you buy your beef!).”

Every single holiday season there are hundreds of people throughout the midwest who are sickened by eating cannibal sandwiches, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

In the state of Wisconsin alone, there have been at least eight raw meat-related outbreaks in Wisconsin since 1986, including a salmonella outbreak affecting more than 150 people in December of 1994.

Cannibal meat sandwiches are also known as tiger meat, or steak tartare in some regions, so if you are going to the midwest for the holidays and you hear about any of these items being on the menu, you may want to skip the meal.

In addition to the warning on cannibal sandwiches, the health department also issued warnings about egg nog, another holiday favorite that could be potentially dangerous.

Traditional eggnog made with raw eggs is also a potential risk, again because the raw egg may contain the bacteria Salmonella.

While cooking can destroy the disease-causing bacteria, consumers can still become ill when the eggnog is left at room temperature for several hours before being consumed.

As we reported earlier this year, a group of scientists, artists, and designers have developed a do-it-yourself meal kit that allows human meat steaks to be grown at home. The invention was recently nominated for “design of the year” by the London-based Design Museum.

The designers called the human meat “the Ouroboros Steak,” named after the circular symbol of a snake eating itself tail-first.

The kit is not on the market yet, but if it is ever approved, it will come with everything that a human-meat eater needs to use their own cells to grow miniature human meat steaks.

The designers insist that it isn’t technically cannabilism because you are eating yourself, not another human.

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