Ghislaine Maxwell’s Friend Is On A Mission To Get Her Out Of Prison

Brian Basham, a close family friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, has recently said that he is determined to get her out of jail, and is concerned about her health and treatment behind bars. Basham says that she is on the verge of starvation because she is rarely served vegetarian meals, and she is constantly humiliated, on suicide watch, and forced to wear paper clothes.

Basham believes that Maxwell should be released on bail, but earlier this year, Judge, Alison Nathan argued, that Maxwell poses “a substantial risk of flight.”

“The risk is simply too great” for Maxwell to be released on bail, Nathan said.

The judge also noted Maxwell’s wealth, citizenship in Britain and France, other international ties, and lack of strong family or business connections in the United States as she denied the bail request.

Basham has offered to help the Maxwell family secure her bail, even though it has already been denied. He called the trial a “dog and pony show” and referred to the people angry about Maxwell’s alleged crimes as a “lynch mob.”

It is not clear how Basham intends to get Maxwell released if that effort fails, but he has a long list of complaints about how his friend is being treated as she awaits trial.

Basham claims that Maxwell is stuck alone in a 9-by-7 cell with no human contact. He says that she has not been able to meet with her family and is not even receiving letters that are being sent to her. She has also lost at least 20 pounds during her imprisonment, Basham says.

Basham expressed anger that even sex offenders Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby were granted bail.

However, there are a few very obvious reasons why Maxwell’s case is being treated so differently. Maxwell was in hiding for months after Epstein’s arrest, and did not speak to authorities until the house that she purchased under a fake name was raided by the FBI. There is also a very valid concern for her safety, considering that Epstein died under extremely suspicious circumstances, and Maxwell could be revealing information about some very powerful people in her testimony.

Brian Basham is a well-known and wealthy figure in the UK who began his career as a journalist, before moving into the public relations industry and then the financial industry. He is the chairman of the corporate services and research house Equity Development, which he founded in 1997.

In 1991 Basham set up a new PR company Warwick Corporate. One of his clients was British Airways, which was accused by Richard Branson of fighting a ‘dirty tricks’ smear campaign against his company Virgin Atlantic. Basham’s firm lost a series of legal battles and was forced to apologize to Branson and pay punitive damages, and British Airways singled him out as a scapegoat for the loss.

In 1994 Basham launched a libel action over his portrayal in the book ‘Dirty Tricks’ by author Martyn Gregory and the publishers Little, Brown, and Company, which he said depicted him as a “professional liar”. Basham won the case in the High Court in 1996, and was paid £20,000 in damages plus court costs, although technically, public relations consultants are “professional liars.”

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