Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Found Near Epstein’s £7 Million Paris Apartment


Ghislaine Maxwell was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s closest associates, and she has been identified by many of his victims as the mastermind behind the pedophile’s human trafficking ring. Since well before Epstein’s arrest last year, Maxwell has been living on the run, as a fugitive, and no one seemed to have any idea where she was hiding.

However, recent reports have indicated that Maxwell could be hiding out in a luxury flat that is in the same neighborhood as Epstein’s former £7million Paris apartment.

The flat is believed to be on Avenue Matignon, in Paris’s 8th Arrondissement. The property she is reportedly staying in is linked to an unnamed millionaire business contact from Normandy.

An anonymous source told The Mail that Maxwell is attempting to stay in France for as long as she can because France has very favorable extradition laws. In France, anyone born on French soil is safe from extradition to another country, regardless of how serious the offense is.

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“Ghislaine is moving locations every month to keep private investigators off her tail and is ­staying at the residences of trusted colleagues and contacts. She wants to remain in France for as long as she can to take advantage of extradition laws and has a huge network of contacts willing to keep her hidden,” the source said.

“It doesn’t mean she won’t be ­prosecuted for her links to Epstein but if she does end up facing charges it will be in France and not the US,” they added.

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Ghislaine Maxwell first met Epstein in the 1990s and they began dating, but before long the two were involved in a criminal sex trafficking network that was legitimized through Epstein’s money and Maxwell’s high society connections.

Maxwell denies any wrongdoing, but still seems to be running from something. Not even her lawyers are aware of her current location, and they are only able to contact her through email.

A resident in France claims to her seen her out and about before the country went into the pandemic lockdown. The witness said that Maxwell clearly didn’t want to be ­recognised and was doing her best to blend in.

Maxwell is the youngest child of the disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, she moved to the United States after her father’s death in 1991. Some say that she was searching for a new source of income and found it in Epstein.

Maxwell was provided with an annual income of £80,000 thanks to a trust fund established in Liechtenstein by her father, but those close to her said that she was attracted to the billionaire lifestyle. Maxwell is also the person responsible for introducing Epstein to Prince Andrew, and many of his other high society connections.

In 1995, Epstein renamed one of his companies the Ghislaine Corporation, but it is not clear what the company actually did. It was ultimately dissolved three years later, in 1998

In March of 2020, Maxwell filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of the U.S. Virgin Islands, seeking compensation from Epstein’s estate for her legal costs.

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