Gangs Stealing PlayStation 5 Units Out Of Speeding Delivery Trucks


Gangs in the United Kingdom have been caught staging elaborate heists on moving delivery trucks, leaving many readers to make comparisons to the movie “Fast & Furious.”

In many of the recent attacks, trucks that were carrying the new PlayStation 5 gaming system appear to have been specifically targeted.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is without a doubt the most in-demand item on the market this holiday season. The company was unable to make enough units to keep up with demand, which has created a thriving market for opportunists, scammers, and thieves.

In the UK, gangs have been using a technique known as “the rollover” to steal high ticket items from delivery trucks.

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In these “rollover” heists, groups of thieves box in moving delivery trucks, with one car blocking the front of the truck and another blocking the side to ensure they can’t get away.

Meanwhile, a third car pulls up behind the truck and breaks into the back using a crowbar. Next, one of the thieves jumps into the truck and starts tossing boxes out to the car in the back, where the packages are retrieved through a sunroof.

According to the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (Navcis) there have been at least 27 such attacks in 2020, with counting being stopped in September, and many other incidents happening since then.

The agency has recently sent out a message of warning to delivery companies telling them to adopt additional safety measures to protect against this type of theft.

The agency believes that insiders with these delivery companies could be feeding criminals information about which trucks will be carrying high-value items.

Former security manager at the Road Haulage Association Chrys Rampley pointed out that, “Somebody must know when and where that vehicle is and it can’t be just random that you are going to attack that. Somebody has done some tipping off.”

Navcis estimates that among the 3,055 cases that they know about, roughly $87.8 million worth of products have been stolen in rollover attacks.

As a result of these thefts, many people who were expecting to receive a PlayStation 5 did not end up getting one. This was part of a broader trend of undelivered gaming systems.

Amazon has started emailing affected customers to let them know that a new PS5 stock is on the way, and that a replacement console has been secured for them.

The email states: “We are pleased to confirm that we will be able to secure a PlayStation 5 for you as a replacement for the order that you didn’t receive.”

“Subject to valid payment, we expect to dispatch your PlayStation 5 within 14 days of your confirmation.”

If you are in the market for a PlayStation 5 this holiday season, there are a variety of different scams that you need to look out for.

Many people are selling photos of the gaming system or empty PlayStation 5 boxes on websites like Amazon and eBay, so be careful and make sure that you check the reviews and fine print before buying.

The two videos below show unrelated rollover thefts that have been caught on film:

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