Eric Trump Says “We Declare Victory in Pennsylvania” Promises Legal Battle To Ensure Victory


Fact-checkers have said Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani shared misinformation about the election during this press conference.

At a last-minute press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, members of the Trump campaign, including Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani, spoke with supporters about their intentions of contesting the election results through the courts.

Eric Trump told the gathered crowd that the Democrats were cheating, and promised a lawsuit to stop vote counting in Pennsylvania.

“We’re going to win Pennsylvania, but they’re trying to cheat us out of it because they know it’s their only path to victory. We are going to file a suit in Pennsylvania. It is the last thing that we wanted to do, it’s the last thing my father wanted to do. But this is rampant corruption. It can’t happen. It’s not fair. This isn’t democracy,” Trump said.

He then introduced Guiliani as the lawyer who will be “leading the legal effort” on behalf of the Trump campaign. Giuliani launched into a tirade about the Democrats, insisting that Trump had already won the election.

“This is beyond anything I have ever seen before. Do you think we’re stupid? Do you think we’re fools? You know something, Democrats do think you’re stupid. And they do think you’re fools. That’s why you get called ‘deplorable’ and ‘chumps…We’re going to stick with this. We’re going to win this election. We’ve actually won it. It’s just a matter of counting the votes fairly,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani said the Trump campaign has already filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania and may file a federal lawsuit against what they claim is voter fraud, to “expose the corruption of the Democratic Party.”

Giuliani also questioned the results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada. Other lawsuits are expected to come in other jurisdictions where votes are also contested.

On Wednesday morning, Governor Tom Wolf warned that the final results may take several days.

“We may not know the results today, but it’s important that we have accurate results. Make no mistake: our democracy is being tested in this election. I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that the results are fair and that EVERY VOTE is counted. Pennsylvania will have a fair election free of outside influences, and we will vigorously defend any attempt to attack the vote,” Wolf tweeted.

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