During “Wellness Call” Trump Says He’s A “Realist” And He’ll “Do The Right Thing”

Geraldo Rivera, television host and long-time friend of Donald Trump, said that he had a “heartfelt phone call” with the president about the contested election and his plans for the transition of power.

In a Tweet on Friday, Rivera said Trump told him he is a “realist” who would “do the right thing” but also wants to see “what states do in terms of certification.”

He also said Trump “seemed particularly aggrieved by the savage attacks on his presidency from the minute he was elected.

Rivera later went on FOX to discuss his conversation with the president. He said that Trump is not planning a violent takeover of the government as many of his critics suspect. The president is merely exhausting all of his legal options before he backs down, Rivera says.

Rivera is a Republican and considered running as a Republican in the United States Senate special election in New Jersey in 2013, but eventually decided not to stand for election.

Rivera is a long-time friend of Trump, but has publicly admitted that he did not vote for Trump in the 2016 election because of “spousal influence”. He had also previously said he would not vote for Trump because of comments he made about Mexicans and other immigrant groups. However, he has subsequently called Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the Trump-Russia connection a “witch hunt.”

Meanwhile, there is still widespread speculation of how the transfer of power will take place, and what Trump has planned for after the White House.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, has said that he does not expect a concession speech from Trump, and thinks that he will not return to the White House after Christmas, and will not be present for Biden’s inauguration.

However, others close to Trump believe that he plans on remaining an influential force in the Republican Party for the rest of his life.

Some reports have suggested that Trump could launch a television network or continue to host rallies, or perhaps both. Rick Gates, an aide to Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign, expects Trump to remain in politics for the long haul.

Gates also said Trump would likely “seriously consider another run in 2024,” according to USA Today.

Gates is not the only Trump insider to make such a prediction. Mick Mulvaney, a former chief of staff, predicted a Trump 2024 campaign recently while appearing in a recent interview.

The Trump family also intends to maintain a strong presence in the Republican party, regardless of how their challenge of the electron results turns out.

Last week, three GOP advisers told CNN that Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are making moves to expand their influence at the Republican National Committee. Other sources have said that they have ambitions to take over the party.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are reportedly unhappy with RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel over what they perceive as a lack of support during a contested election. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a Republican Party source with close ties to the White House said that Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle could seek leadership roles at the RNC.

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