CNN Reporter Mugged On Live TV At Knife Point

CNN Brasil reporter Bruna Macedo was mugged at knifepoint during a live report in São Paolo, Mediaite reported.

The incident occurred during a live broadcast on CNN on Saturday. Macedo was filming a report on rising water levels at Bandeiras Bridge in São Paolo in the Teté River due to heavy rains. All of a sudden a man snuck up and pulled a knife on the female reporter. Macedo appears to be in fear in the video, uploaded to Instagram and Youtube as she struggles to figure out what’s happening.

The unknown suspect could be seen on camera behind the reporter prior to the incident watching, before he made his move and robbed her.

A few minutes later, while Macedo is speaking with anchor Rafael Colombo, the man wearing a hoody and a beanie hat appears next to her.

Macedo at first greets the suspect as Colombo talks about the water levels to the audience. But he then shockingly pulls a knife on the reporter — causing her to step back as the camera cuts to the scene of a wet street.

In the video, Macedo can be seen handing over two mobile phones to the unknown man before the feed was cut.

CNN presenter Rafael Colombo, was commentating the entire time during the robbery to the audience in Spanish. Colombo said after the incident, “It was impossible to understand at the time what was happening, if it was a homeless person passing by. But after what happened, we cut the image.”

“He threatened and she handed over a cell phone, but he knew she had two, because she has a private and a corporate one,” Colombo explained, adding Macedo “had a terrible scare,” but “is fine” and “did not suffer any kind of injury.”

Brazil suffers from extreme poverty with most of the percentage of the population living on less than $5.50 a day.

The reporter wasn’t injured, Colombo told Brazilian newspaper Fohla de Sao Paulo, and returned to the CNN studio after the incident.

“She had a terrible scare, but she is fine,” he said.

You can watch the shocking exchange below.

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