Biden Wins “Unanimously” In First Town To Report Early Election Results

Dixville Notch, a very small town in the state of New Hampshire, is the first in the country to reveal their final vote count for the 2020 election. Unlike many other voting districts across the United States, Dixville Notch only has twelve residents, and of those twelve, only five people actually voted. Surprisingly, all five of those people voted for the same candidate, Joe Biden, giving him his first small victory on election day, according to the Associated Press. This is also a rare unanimous victory, which doesn’t happen very often, even in small towns like this.

In the previous election, Dixville Notch also leaned Democrat, but the outcome was not unanimous. In 2016, four Dixville Notch residents voted for Hillary Clinton, with Trump following close behind with two votes, and a single vote for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

According to the New York Times, this is the first time that a candidate has won the election in Dixville Notch unanimously since 1960, when Richard Nixon won all nine votes over John F. Kennedy

Early-hours voting began in Dixville Notch at midnight last night, which is a tradition that the town has kept for both primary and general elections since 1960.

Soon after the results for Dixville Notch were announced, the New Hampshire town of Millsfield revealed their results, and Trump won in a landslide, but not an entirely unanimous vote, although the population of Millsfield is a little bit larger. In Millsfield, Trump beat Biden by a margin of 16-5. Millsfield’s results for the previous election were nearly identical, with Trump winning the town with a margin of 16-4.

These early results are by no means a prediction of what is to come, things could go either way in many of the big states. In 2012, Obama had won New Hampshire by 5.6 points while Hillary had beaten Trump by a much smaller margin of 0.3 points in 2016. This small town is also an interesting example of how a majority of people in any given voting district don’t cast votes in presidential elections.


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