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Bank Robber Throws Money At Bystanders While Shouting “Merry Christmas”

A bank was robbed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, earlier this week, but the thief didn’t seem to have much interest in getting away. Instead of attempting to make any kind of getaway, the thief waited at a nearby Starbucks for police to arrive after robbing the bank. He made quite a scene as well, throwing handfuls of money to bystanders while shouting “Merry Christmas.”

Police say that on Monday, the robber went into the Academy Bank on 1 S. Tejon St. in Colorado Springs around lunchtime claiming to have a weapon in his pocket, and started demanding cash from the bank tellers.

Man tosses cash in street after bank robbery

BAD SANTA: Bearded bank robber in Colorado spreads Christmas cheer by throwing the stolen loot into the street, witnesses say.

Posted by CBS 12 News on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

They gave the robber some money as they are instructed to do, but this was certainly not a textbook case.

According to witnesses, the suspect just sat down and waited for the cops when he got to a Starbucks around the corner from the bank. Bystanders said that it was almost like he wanted to get arrested.

The suspect was later identified by police as 65-year-old David Wayne Oliver, but it is not exactly clear what the charges against him are, or if he was actually in possession of a weapon, or was just making false threats.

Colorado Springs Police

The suspect was a larger man with gray hair and a big bushy beard, and could have passed for Santa if he was wearing a bright red suit. If he really wanted to make an impression, he could have gone the few extra steps of dressing up as Santa, especially considering that he was apparently never planning to get away in the first place.

Local police have also said that many of the bystanders actually returned the money directly to the bank, although there are surely one or two witnesses who managed to keep some of the money. What would you have done if a bank robber threw you a handful of cash?

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