Assassin Posing As FedEx Driver Kills Son Of Judge For Deutsche Bank-Epstein Trial


The 20-year-old son of a federal judge was shot and killed under extremely suspicious circumstances last night, just outside of the family’s home in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The target of the attack was reportedly Esther Salas, but the hit man was only able to shoot her son and her husband. Her husband was badly injured but expected to make a full recovery, and her son was tragically killed in the shooting.

Mark Anderl, Salas’s husband was shot multiple times and rushed to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, where he had to go into surgery. Anderl is a prominent criminal defense attorney in his own right, but is not believed to be the target of the attack. Defense attorneys are rarely targeted for acts of retribution, it is often prosecutors and judges who are attacked by people involved with their cases.

Police say that no recent threats have been made on the judge’s life or any of her family members. They did say that she has had threats in the past, as many judges regularly do, but nothing recent that would raise suspicion. Furthermore, this situation seems to be much more elaborate than someone coming back for revenge, considering the lengths that the killer went through to avoid detection. It also seems that the person responsible for the crime could be a professional assassin.

The killer is currently still on the run and police have no suspect or potential clues about who could be responsible. Authorities don’t believe that the shooter is actually employed with FedEx, but they are looking into all possibilities, and local FedEx distribution centers have offered to help out with the investigation any way they can.

“We are aware of the media reports and are fully cooperating with investigating authorities,” Jonathan Lyons, a spokesman for FedEx, said in an email statement to CNN.

While authorities are saying that the exact motive for the attack is unknown, Salas was just recently assigned to oversee a lawsuit brought by investors against Deutsche Bank over its involvement in the handling of Jeffrey Epstein’s finances. In the recent lawsuit filed against Deutsche Bank, investors claim that they lost money because of the fines that the bank had to pay to regulators after they were accused of laundering money for Epstein.

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Epstein is just one of the most high profile figures connected to the case, but it goes much deeper than just his case, because there are many other money laundering cases that were connected to the trail, and many other powerful people who have had something to hide.

Still, considering the suspicious circumstances that have already surrounded the Epstein case, and the rumors that assassins were also involved in his death, all eyes are on his case.

Both the FBI and the U.S. Marshals are said to be investigating the murder.

“We are looking for one subject. We are working closely with our state and local partners and will provide additional updates when available,” the FBI said in a statement.

A gunman killed a federal judge's son at her New Jersey home. He appeared to be dressed as a delivery driver, source says:

Posted by Morning Express with Robin Meade on Monday, July 20, 2020

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