They’re Coming: Area 51 Party Saved At The Last Minute After Local Town Rejects Festival
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They’re Coming: Area 51 Party Saved At The Last Minute After Local Town Rejects Festival



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The much anticipated “Storm Area 51” event is scheduled for September 20th, and no one is very sure what is actually going to happen when the day arrives. Initially, it was just a harmless online troll posted by a college student named Matty Roberts, but it quickly spread like wildfire across the internet until the event page accumulated millions of RSVPs.

After a visit from the FBI and warnings from government agencies like the United States Air Force, Roberts made it very clear to his supporters that there was actually no plan to invade the secret military base. However, he did want to take advantage of all the excitement that his event gathered, so he hoped to plan an alien-themed festival in the desert near the base. Soon enough there were at least 3 events that were planned in the area for people making the pilgrimage to Area 51.

Unfortunately, local residents were not happy about that and did everything they could to prevent the events from happening in their back yards.  In fact, the town of Rachel, which will be home to the Alienstock event, posted a warning to their town website saying that local residents would defend their property by force if they had to, saying that “the situation could get ugly.” The website voiced concerned that such an event would attract crooks who sought to “capitalize on the chaos.”


Bud Light announced on Twitter in July it would offer “free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out” of Area 51.CreditScott Borrero for Bud Light

Not long after that notice was posted, organizers of the event announced that it was not happening near Area 51, but would instead be moved to Las Vegas, which is more suited for a party. Now the event will be taking place a night before originally planned, on September 19th.

The event will be sponsored by Bud Light and at least 8,000 people are expected to attend.

However, one of the organizers has split off from the group, and claims that they will still be hosting an event in Rachel, the town closest to Area 51. The other organizers have since hired lawyers to threaten the other organizer with legal action if he doesn’t stop promoting the event in Rachel. Roberts and his partner are concerned that if the event in Rachel is allowed to continue, it could end up being a total disaster like the “Fyre Festival” that has become notorious after a pair of documentaries were released about the disastrous situation.

There is still no telling what is going to happen, or if anyone will actually try to go into the military base. In fact, earlier this week, two people were already arrested while trespassing on private property, attempting to get footage of the secret military base. The suspects were reportedly two Dutch YouTubers who had flown all the way from the Netherlands to join the “Storm Area 51” excitement. If they are found guilty, they could face up to six months in prison. Police say that they confiscated footage of the base during the arrest, and found suspects with a drone as well as several laptops and other recording equipment.

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