American Pastor Claims To ‘Destroy’ Coronavirus With ‘Wind Of God’

Pastor Kenneth Copeland, an American televangelist, summoned the “wind of God” during a recent broadcast, which he claimed could destroy the novel coronavirus. He gave his sermon this weekend to a sparsely filled crowd that appeared to be social distancing, and broadcast the event on the Kenneth Copeland’s Ministries YouTube channel.

The pastor blew into the direction of the camera and called out to banish the virus.

“I blow the wind of God on you. You are destroyed forever, and you’ll never be back. Thank you, God. Let it happen. Cause it to happen,” the pastor said.

wind of God
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Members of his church joined in to chant along with his next command, “Wind, almighty, strong, south wind, heat: burn this thing, in the name of Jesus. I say, you bow your knees. You fall on your face.”

Copeland went on to tell his supporters that God spoke to him three years ago and told him that he must raise $300 million this year, and he was worried that the virus could get in the way of his destiny. He also promised to be able to heal sick parishioners in person, and encouraged them to come to church, where they would be healed on the spot.

“If we have to pass out thermometers, if we find one with a fever, let’s get him healed right there. What do you do if you get it? Big deal,” he said.

We Good Now? Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Blows COVID-19 Away Using The "Wind Of GOD"Fwd@whatsapp

Posted by Samuel Churchill on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Copeland has been identified as preaching the “prosperity gospel,” which promises supporters access to heaven for enriching their pastor here on earth. As part of his evangelism, he calls for donations to his church, with the suggestion that parishioners will get a “hundredfold” return on their investment once they reach the afterlife. He has stirred controversy over his use of donations to finance mansions, private jets, an airport, and other expensive purchases.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries is located in Fort Worth, Texas, on a 33 acre property valued at $554,160. The site includes the Eagle Mountain International Church, television and radio production facilities, warehouse and distribution facilities, residences for the Copeland family, and Kenneth Copeland Airport. Approximately 500 people are employed by KCM.

Churchgoers across the country have been packing congregations in recent weeks, despite the growing coronavirus outbreak, and many of them are confident that their faith will protect them during this difficult time. CNN interviewed a woman who was leaving church and she told them that she was confident going out in public because she was “covered in Jesus’s blood.”

The recent $2 trillion economic relief legislation includes aid for faith-based organizations.

The Small Business Administration (SBA), says that, “Faith-based organizations are eligible to receive SBA loans regardless of whether they provide secular social services. No otherwise eligible organization will be disqualified from receiving a loan because of the religious nature, religious identity, or religious speech of the organization.”

This decision has provoked controversy, because churches don’t pay into the tax system that is funding the aid package, and the constitution calls for a separation of church and state.

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