Airplane Forced To Land After Man Threatened To Kill Everyone Who Didn’t “Accept Black Jesus”

A man forced the landing of an Alaska Airlines flight in Seattle, Washington, after pacing the airplane threatening to kill everyone on board. Video of the strange incident shows a young white man with a mask walking up and down the corridor of the airplane threatening to kill anyone who refuses to accept that Jesus was a black man.

Flight 422 was on its way to Chicago O’ Hare airport but was forced to land in Seattle, Washington over the incident. The man’s outburst reportedly began just after the airplane’s ascent.

“I will kill everybody on this plane unless you accept Jesus was a black man,” the man shouted, before telling the other passengers to “accept it” and “die in the name of Jesus.”

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He shouted the phrases multiple times before he was subdued by other passengers, one of whom was an off duty police officer.

In a later statement, an Alaska Airlines spokesperson said that ‘The man became extremely belligerent and physically aggressive during the ascent.”

Most of the passengers tried to ignore the man’s outbursts but they became increasingly violent. Eventually, a group of passengers surrounded the man and peacefully subdued him. He was detained by the officer onboard until the plane made an emergency landing in Seattle.

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After the emergency landing, the suspect was arrested by Port of Seattle police and booked into King County Jail.

He was not charged with a crime right away, but he is being investigated on suspicion of harassment. Nobody was harmed in the incident, including the suspect, but the airplane was forced to return to its destination, and the remaining passengers were booked on another flight that was headed to Chicago, Illinois.

It is not clear what motivated the man to make such strange threats, or if he will be facing additional charges.

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